Balance is health

Balance is health.

8 different sized stones piled in a balanced format

Balance is a commitment

At Restore Balance we help individuals with that commitment because balance is what Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about.

Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, injury, illness, surgery, emotional trauma, inactivity, addictive habits and poor choices negatively impact long-term health and reduce quality of life .

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at health conditions as imbalance- too much of, or a lack of, something. Diagnosis is based on an intake questionaire, interview, pulse and tongue condition to determine what is out of balance and where that balance is to be restored, The treatment plan includes  modality(s) to be used, and therapy is then provided. Suggestions made be made for herbs, food changes, physical exercise or stretching.

Restore Balance can get you on the path to balance, to greater well-being, increased vitality and less pain.  And we get the satisfaction of seeing  you


We are all connected. If we each commit to moving toward  balance our entire community can become healthy and vibrant.  Community by community who knows what we can do!

Health is my passion

chart1 DIET THERAPYRestore wellbeing with photo of a woman wall-climbing with Restore Balance.