Chinese Herbs

a selection of common raw Chinese herbs

Chinese herbology is a prominent component of Chinese medicine treatment.

Actually, in China, the use of herbs for restoring balance accounts for nearly 90% of the service provided as Chinese medicine. Using herbs allows the therapy prescribed by the Practitioner to be administered by the patient at home. Importantly, herbs are especially effective for treating long-term conditions and the underlying causes of chronic pain and disease.

As a licensed Practitioner, Meredith Boldon, RTCMP, is recognized by the province of BC (CTCMA) to safely prescribe herbs to improve health and well-being.

The term “Chinese herb” is used to identify many different substances used to therapeutic effect. Usually a herbal prescription is a combination of a few or many herbs. They are combined to address the main symptoms, the underlying cause and any peripheral concerns. This can be taken as a tea that the patient cooks on the stove, as a pre-made tea, pills, cream, powder, granules or a patch.

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