Winter wonder

Country field and barn in winter sun and wind

I am experiencing my first New Brunswick winter in 36 years. It started off feeling like an experiment and has become a love-affair. I often travel 18 kms  between my clinic in the village of Harvey Station and my home at Yoho Lake along Rte 3 and Hwy 640. Regardless of weather or time of day this journey is magical. It inspires and soothes me, strengthening my knowledge that this move was a very good one for me.  I love exploring and supporting the local resources and meeting my neighbours.  2017 is an excellent year.

WWW Smith General Store Harvey Station, NB in heavy snow at night
Photos courtesy of Shawn Perrin

Happy New Year and Good Health from New Brunswick!

Yes, Restore Balance Acupuncture and Meredith have moved to NB. It has been an adventurous and enjoyable relocation and I am excited to help my new community.

You can now find us in Fredericton on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and in Harvey on Thursday and Friday.

If the Winter Blues are getting you down, or you find, like many, that Aches and Pains are settling in with the colder weather, why not treat yourself to some relief? I would love to help you feel refreshed and comfortable.

The method of diagnosis and treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a different approach to regaining health, strength, wellness, balance and peace of mind.  Different seasons bring different health challenges. Let me introduce you to a new way of restoring balance in your life.

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Vancouver Island Acupuncture Day

Sunday July 15, 2012

1-4 pm

at Market Square, 560 Johnson Street

Victoria, BC

Come see me and meet other Victoria registered acupuncturists and practitioners

enjoy live talks and performances

To your good health!!


Join us at the Pride Business Fair June 28


Monday, June 28, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St.

Presented by Island Community In Business Society. Featuring lgbtq and allied businesses and business professionals. Find out who’s who in your business communityFREE admission. DOOR PRIZES. Everyone welcome! Appies, Full Bar, Lounge Area, Entertainment*. Who knew business could be this fun? More information and table registration** at

Make the Pride Business Fair part of your Pride Week activities!

*Special Appearances by

6:30pm-6:45pm Nath Keo and Sacred Centre Dance
7:15pm-7:45pm Diane Pancell jazz vocalist with Yanik Giroux on piano
8:15pm-8:30pm Nath Keo and Sacred Centre Dance

**List of presenters already registered:


Ear Acupuncture Clinic

Tuesday nights…… 7-9pm. June and July

Come join us for health and well-being! The intent is centering, focusing, calming, empowering, enhancing mental clarity and restoring balance. Experience the shift that Ear Acupuncture (11 needles) and a botanical formula based on Chinese herbs can provide.

space for 12 participants……. come with a friend.

I’m enjoying the creation of this on-going series of community or group acupuncture and herbal clinic opportunities I will be conducting.

Each session of ear acupuncture with a serving of formula $25.00
5 sessions of ear acupuncture with a serving of formula $100.00
Optional: 1 month’s supply of formula $120.00

Each participant will be required to sign an informed consent prior to treatment and those interested in the herbal formula will fill out a brief medication questionnaire.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions. Do you have a group of people you’d like to share this with? Let’s arrange a clinic for your needs.
Great treatment for stress reduction, combating depression and habit changing.

NADA ear acupuncture course

Do you work with addiction, mental health, stress, trauma?

We are conducting a 30 hour course addressing these conditions.

This for any health/helping field worker, acupuncturist OR NOT.

Victoria, BC.  March 4-7, 2010.

250-384-2942. Posters below with more info:

NADA Workshop Poster March 2010

2010 Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist Training Information March 2010

Business card dilemma

So a new blog on a new topic!

I am ordering more business cards next week and I question the term “Chinese Medicine”. My card has read “Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine” and I wonder if “Herbal Medicine” or “Chinese Herbs” would be more understood or impart more of a sense of being beneficial to one’s health.

Saturday my friend Sherwin Arnott of Pink Sheep Media and I will conduct a street survey to get answers from the general public. I value feedback from YOU as well, so please take a moment to share your thought with me..


Over-demand: tip#3

Move your body!

“Liver Qi stagnation” is a major pattern that emerges because of stress and frustration. But it also contributes to these conditions and that’s the cycle that we want to address!. When we are confined emotionally or physically the stored energy builds up and causes dis-ease.

A great way to shift and ease this discomfort is with movement, particularly where the physical experience is blended with an emotionally moving one.

Explore and experiment with different ways of moving your body to find something to which you have a positive emotional response. In Victoria we are blessed with the spectacular beaches and parks that abound.

Try walking in a beautiful area, using a skipping rope, throwing a ball or Frisbee for your dog. Local parks often have basketball or hockey nets where you can practice shooting. Using a DVD or video to inspire you for indoor exercise could be your ideal, the driving range may do it for others. Play on the grass with your children and you all benefit from moving your liver qi. Dance and live music are awesome for taking us to the place where the physical and emotional move together.

The point of this is to move the energy in your body and involve yourself in a pleasurable emotion while you are doing it. Were there things in your past that you did repeatedly, or that you were good at, or that you really enjoyed? Is there something that you always wanted to try? Now’s the time. It’s most effective if you find a minimum of 20 minutes to do this in each session once a day; it can be gentle movement or a bit rigourous.

Again, the goal is an emotionally positive segment of time with physical movement.

In my neighbourhood the YMCA and the Spiral Cafe are great venues for movement.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbology have been effectively and easily treating this imbalance for millenia (just in case you thought this is only a modern affliction). Email or phone for a consultation and treatment!

Over-demand: tip#2

Rub your ears!

For those of you who are tactile and have the time to make use of a simple Qi Gong exercise: massage you ears. There are many points on our ears that promote a sense of well-being, calm the nervous system, relax tense muscles, strengthen the organs and reduce the side-effects of stress (such as cravings). This is a great technique when you are at your desk and need a little stress- reduction. You can repeat these massages 3-5 times a day.

Use your forefingers and thumbs and gently squeeze and rub all the areas of your ears. Stick your fingers in your ears, turn them. Twist your ears. you’ll want to be firm but gentle. Your cartilage is delicate. Now find the other indented areas of your ears and rub them well. Grab the sides and with minimal pressure pull your ears away from your head a bit. Hold for a minute.

As you massage your ears regularly you may find you like it so much you’ll be doing it more than 5 times a day. Spend 3-10 minutes each time you massage them. Have a friend do them, then do your friend’s. This way you get to relax MORE.

Over-demand: Tip#1

Take Five

“TAKE FIVE” first thing in the morning before you get out of bed- use the first five to ten moments of the new day to find or develop gratitude for five things. Establishing a focus on what’s going well in your world allows you to nurture and expand it.

If you have trouble starting your list, begin with your fingers and toes and keep going from there. Body parts, personality traits, friends, pets, favourite places, your soft warm bed- anything goes onto your list. Concentrate on FEELING appreciative. Emotion about it creates an environment for it to be retained on a cellular level. This makes it more a part of your way of living and you’ll find it easier to access this calm, creative place when you need to find it again. Gratitude is relaxing and draws more things to be grateful for into your life.

Increase your list as the days go by. Your mind and heart will open to the possibility of more and more great things and you will begin to look for things to add to your list while you are out there living. You’ll remember long-forgotten or momentarily passed-over nourishing and fulfilling experiences or people or situations. With consistent focus and commitment in this short few minutes of the day it will become clearer and ever-closer in the present moment that life is indeed sweet!