Meredith Boldon

Meredith Boldon

Registered Acupuncturist                                                                    Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine


I returned to New Brunswick to live at Yoho in September of 2016. From my Fredericton and Harvey clinics I am enjoying meeting new people, reconnecting with family and friends-of-old, and contributing to the well-being of the community.

After travelling abroad and living in a few Canadian cities I settled in BC in 1984. I had a satisfying and successful career of twenty-five years in aviation providing customer care and technical sales services throughout North America. After 9-11-2001 I went in search of another way to work with people and their needs.

I was introduced to acupuncture in 2002 and graduated from the 5 year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program at the Canadian College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Victoria in 2007. In addition I studied with Matt Callison, M.S., L.Ac. in his “Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders” course which blends Chinese Medicine with Sports Medicine.  The NationaI Acu-detox Association (NADA) has certified me as a specialist in treating addiction withdrawal and I worked with the Vancouver Island Health Authority for four years providing these services to their clients. I will soon begin instructing NADA courses here.

Currently registered with MARA (Maritime Association of Registered Acupuncturists) I also hold 2 provincial board licenses through the CTCMA (College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturists) in British Columbia.

I personally use meditation and the theories of Chinese Medicine for my own vitality and longevity. I have studied and taught meditation, vibrational psychology and energetic healing for years and incorporate this into all aspects of my life. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies all contribute in a patient’s condition and Restore Balance assists in re-establishing their alignment with each other. Thankfully TCM is very effective in moving them towards balance.

I welcome you to contact me if you would like to make an appointment or if you have questions I might answer. I’d love to see you in my clinic in Fredericton or Harvey. My passion is for helping people and assisting them to help themselves. It makes life sweet.